As part of our protein-heavy breakfasts, we eat a lot of eggs. For over six months now, we have been going through a combination of eggs and Egg Beaters at a fairly alarming rate. As we’ve done our research, we decided that switching to organic, pastured eggs was one of the first big (read: more expensive) changes we wanted to make. We checked out the Farmers’ Markets, Whole Foods, Dierbergs, etc., before finally pulling the trigger on a place we found on  Cackle Farms.

I called and talked to the owner and she could not have been nicer. She explained to me how her chickens live, how she collects her eggs, etc. I ordered two dozen for a trial, and she told me I could pick them up the next day and pay on the honor system because her family would be at church.

Tim and I ventured up there on Sunday after we had been to Mass ourselves and discovered everything just as she said. We brought home our eggs and cooked up a dozen with some sausage. They were delicious. Paul used some this morning when he got up before everyone and made pancakes (non-primal, but the kids sure liked them) and eggs for the family, and they were really good, even reheated. Tim says he likes them because they don’t have that “crappy egg taste” that he had always associated with eggs. I liked the variances in size and color, I like washing them off before I use them, and I like the darker yellow yolk and yummy taste, not to mention the boost is Omega-3 fatty acids!

Did I mention they are only $3.00 a dozen?

You can find Cackle Farms on, and if you do, please leave some for me. Thanks.