The 1st Rule is: You do not talk about the Blog

The 2nd Rule is: You do NOT TALK about the Blog!

OK, that was lame. The real rule of the blog (this blog at least) is, do not start a blog when you are headed into one of your busiest times of the work year, AND when you are planning to be out of town for two weekends, AND do not start a blog when you are on a committee for throwing a huge party for Girl Scout volunteers.

But all that is over now, and I’ve actually let in less chaos than I eliminated, so I’m at a chaos deficit, and I’m back. Back to blogging, and more importantly, back to primal eating. To say I was less than 100% compliant would be an understatement on the order of saying that the Titanic had some problems with ice. It shows, too. I gained 3 pounds and some circumference, and generally feel like crap.

For those of you who have been following me with any regularity, and thinking, yeah, I could probably do that, if I just had someone more competent than Amie to help me out here, Mark Sisson has released a new book called Primal Blueprint 21-Day Transformation, so check it out!

See you tomorrow, with recipes and stuff. 🙂