When you Lift Heavy Things, (LHT) you do two sets of seven exercises (if you count planks, right side planks, and left side planks and separate exercises; if you don’t, you do two sets of five exercises). You do one complete set as a circuit, then do a second set, and then if you’re me, you go home. We have been walking up to the elementary school near our home to LHT because there’s good bars up there to use as pull-up bars, and also because it adds an element of moving slowly, frequently, to the endeavor.

I recorded my results for the first time on August 8. Here they are (numbers are first set, second set):

Pushups, Level 2: 17   20
Pullups, Level 1: 20  9
Squats, Level 2: 40  50
Shoulder Press, Level 1: 25  20
Plank, Level 2: 49 31 seconds
Plank, Right, Level 2: 30 27
Plank, Left, Level 2: 48 48

Here are my numbers for tonight, August 26:

Pushups, Level 2: 30 30 (almost time to move up to level 3–I’m at my “level up” number but want to pull them off a couple times)
Pullups, Level 1: 15 10 (still my weakest spot, I think it’s not helped by the fact that I do my pushups immediately before. But I WILL do a pullup!)
Squats, Level 4: 30 50 (I felt a little twinge in my knee in the first set, so I stopped, but then came back strong in set 2)
Plank, Level 2: 95 47 seconds
Plank, Right, Level 2: 40 40
Plank, Left, Level 2: 35, 75 (again, the first one felt a little hinky, but came back strong)

For those of you scoring at home, this means I did 60 pushups tonight! And I think that’s worth yelling about a little bit!