On Tuesday I had a busy evening. Three students and a quick trip down to Affton and back. I wound up in a Starbucks for my last appointment, looked the temptation that is Mocha Coconut Frappucino (quite possibly my favorite beverage not named Mr. Pibb or Coca-cola) in the eye, and fell at its feet.

62 grams of sugar later (62 grams! Seriously! In a Grande!) I found myself…strangely NOT guilty. No berating. No crushing internal dialogue along the lines of, “Maybe you’re just not meant to be attractive, fat girl.” I got up, waved the nearly empty cup at BK, who was tutoring across the store, and cheerfully said, “I’m probably going pay for this later this week…but I’m pretty sure it was worth it.”

I went home, told Tim, “We need to go for a walk,” and off we went, for about a half-hour, to regulate my Insulin Response (I think that’s what it’s called–when you move after you eat simple carbs to encourage your body to burn them rather than convert and store them)

Now from a “sugar is not good for you” standpoint, it was clearly not a good move. But from a “Someday, I’d like to not be a fat girl” standpoint, it was a little bit of a victory. Today I got up and had a good breakfast (pastured eggs and spinach), good lunch (BreadCo French Onion Soup, minus the croutons), and good dinner (a little tilapia, a little chicken breast, and more spinach, I was too lazy to steam a veggie), went and played in the pool for an hour and a half, and took a walk during Katy’s volleyball practice. I’m still on the road to skinny. 🙂

This weekend, Katy and I are going to Neighborhood Camporee for Girl Scouts. We’ll be having lunch, dinner, and breakfast at camp. I am thinking of packing a cooler with extra veggies, some chicken breast, and maybe a little HFCS-free jerky to supplement what they serve at camp…do you think that’s okay etiquette, and if so, any other suggestions for what I should bring, based on what you’ve read so far? Any help would be appreciated!